Rose In June Music Session

Some Tunes That May Form a Session Core

The tunes listed below are in either a picture format (gif) or Acrobat format (PDF).

You can then save the image or PDF to your hard drive or print it.

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Tune Format Key Notes
Amoresque PDF G In series Horse's Brawl / Amoresque / Bear Dance
Ashgrove image G  
Ashokan Farewell PDF D Slow air played with feeling
Astley's Ride image D Jaunty
Balquidder Lasses PDF D  
Bear Dance PDF Em In set: Horse's Braw/ / Amoresque / Bear Dance
Beatrice Hill's 3 Hand Reel PDF D Hannah plays this on the accordian
Beaucatcher Farewell PDF G Lament for a mountain destroyed by drift mines
Bonaparte's Retreat image D  
Bonny Kate image G  
Boys of Bluehill PDF D In set: Boys of Bluehill / Harvest Home
Brighton Camp image G  
Childgrove image Am Now usually played in Em - sorry - dont have that
Chinese Breakdown image D  
Coloured Aristocracy image G  
Crested Hens image Em Played quite slowly by Solas - originally French and much quicker
Da Slockit Light PDF D 'The Dying Light' - shetland - Tom Anderson
Dark Island image Am/G  
Davy Davy Knicknack image G In set: DD Knicknack / Rakes of Mallow?
Dennis Murphy Polka image D goes well with Jenny Lind
Drowsy Maggie image Em  
Eavesdropper PDF G  
Egan's Polka (Kerry) image D  
Elsie's Waltz image D  
Emma image Em  
Enrico image D Not too fast ?
Flowers of Edinburgh image G  
Galloway Girth PDF G in three parts - from Sussex Tune Book
Grandfather's Clock image G  
Harry Gidleys Waltz image D Nice easy but effective waltz
Harvest Home PDF D In set: Boys of Bluehill / Harvest Home
Hot Poker Polka PDF G /Gm Tune by John - goes well with Horses Brawl
Horses Brawl PDF G / Gm In set Horse's Brawl / Amoresque / Bear Dance
Inisheer image G Not too fast ?
Irish Washerwoman image G  
Jackie Tar PDF Em  
Jack's Maggot image D Playford tune
Jamaica image F Playford tune
Jenny Lind Polka image D / G the Swedish Nightingale (changes key)
Jimmy Allen image G  
John Ryan's Polka PDF D In set: Staten Island / John Ryan's Polka
Josephine's Waltz image G slowish waltz in G (from Sweden)
King of the Fairies image Em  
Les Filles De Mon Pays PDF G French tune from Hannah
Liberty image D  
Limerick Rake image Em  
London Schottische image D/Bm  
Maguire and Paterson PDF D  
Man in the Moon image G  
Merrily Kiss the Quaker image G  
Michael Turner's Waltz image G  
Midnight on the Water PDF D  
Moran's Return PDF G  
Nelly's Hat image G The saucy little bird in Nelly's Hat (Sussex tunebook)
Parting Glass image Dm  
Plain Scottische PDF G Added Nov 2015
Planxty Irwin image G Carolan tune
Portsmouth image G  
Portsmouth Hornpipe image A  
Princess Royal image G  
Rakes of Mallow image G In set: DD Knicknack / Rakes of Mallow?
Rights of Man PDF D  
Road to Boston image G  
Road to Lisdoonvana image Em  
Rochdale Coconut Dance PDF G / Em some start with minor part - others with major ??
Sally Gardens image D tune is Maids of the Morne Shore
Shepherd's Hey image G  
Shove that Pig's Foot image G (further in the fire)
Silvery Voe image F Tom Anderson fiddle tune (writer of da slockit)
The Sloe image D  
Slane image Eb lovely Irish tune used for several hymns
Spancill Hill image Am  
Speed the Plough image G  
Sportsman's Hornpipe image Am  
St. Anne's Reel image D lots of versions of this
Star of the County Down image Em  
Staten Island image D In set: Staten Island / John Ryan's Polka
Sussex Cotillion image G  
Swallowtail jig image Em  
Tam Lin image Am starts slow and slowly builds
Tennessee Waltz PDF G also often played in D
Tom Bhetty's Waltz PDF G  
Tom Bigbee Waltz image G  
Trumpet Hornpipe image G (Captain Pugwash)
Uncle Bernard's Polka image G  
Waiting for the Federals image G also known as Seneca Square Dance
Whiskey Before Breakfast image D it has to be American
Wind that Shakes the Barley PDF D  
Winster Gallop image G  
STAR TUNE BOOK PDF   A collection of tunes from the sessions at The Star in Romsey. PDF document of about 1Mb.


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